As a relatively young addition to the Ghosts' special operations groups, Fitz desired to be recognized by his superiors. He quickly rose through the ranks and while he was still outranked by the veterans, he received a spot in Reaper's prestigious squad.

Early Career

Fitz was just a young 18-year old when he joined the Canadian Army. While he was instated as part of the Reserves, he would get a chance at real combat a few years later.

In the Libyan Civil War, Fitz was part of the coalition force against Gaddafi's forces. While defending a school from government soldiers, Fitz was able to protect the civilians using a fallen soldier's Timberwolf C14. Scoring fourteen kills and eliminating an enemy officer, Fitz was commended for his accuracy and was recognized as marksman material. Before he could be transferred to a sniper unit, Fitz was caught in an explosion with an IED and was sent home to recover.

Back at Home

While the detonation of the IED was a harrowing incident, no permanent damage was sustained. Fitz would later attend designated marksman training courses in the Army, his capabilities seeming to have improved during his recovery. Officer training school and the instruction of young snipers seemed to be his future.

Recruitment into the Ghosts

Touring the Canadian Army's training grounds, Jonathan "Reaper" Morrick saw Fitz's untapped potential as a sniper, a position that was desperately needed in his private military company. Hiring the young lad, Reaper refined his skill and emphasized the need for accuracy in Fitz's training. He was assigned to be on Reaper's main squad when the Ghosts bought the company.