As operators of a variety of aircraft, pilots in the Ghost Force are the backbone of their logistics system. Flying sleek fighter jets to hulking transport craft, they provide crucial support with quick reaction time.


Nicknamed "Pilot" as all Ghost infantry soldiers nickname their pilots, Joe Steele specialized in helicopters and VTOL craft. As a prodigy of flying hovering machines, he had been the pilot of a Hind gunship at the age of 23 before his transfer to the Special Forces Infil and Exfil division in the Ghost Airforce at the age of 30. While he was sad to leave his legendary Hind-D, the Crocodile, Steele did admit that he was combat weary and a bit afraid that he would die any day then.

At the time of his service to the Ghost special forces groups, he was the only pilot to have weapons installed on his helicopters, be it utility or transport craft, in reference to his earlier, successful career of flying gunships.