Октябрь Восьмой


Phantom forces dropped from above Moscow at around noon in civilian Antonov aircraft and landed at the Muscovite Business Park. The paratroopers began to assault a Ghost financial center and kill 17 soldiers along with 35 office workers. Ghost intelligence services have concluded that the Phantoms had mistaken the building for their main headquarters.

Detailed Report

The tragic attack on the Ghost financial building has left many innocents without family members. One of my sources indicate that the Ghosts may even be covering up the official death count, with the source stating that he had counted 17 dead military personnel - which would match up with the Ghost report - while 57 civilians were tallied as deceased. Among the casualties are 37 civilians who were injured in the attack with 14 of them in critical condition. This event was truly a saddening occurrence and would never had happened if the Phantoms could finally get their targets right. ~Nikolai Mikhailov


After a series of long discussion and negotiation, Ukrainian Prime Minister Sergiu Matamorez signed the papers documenting the union between Russia and Ukraine. While a major coup was attempted by the weakening Pro-Phantom party, Ghost soldiers were able to kill most of the armed rebels. Former Ukrainian officer Colonel Janek Reznov was incarcerated for masterminding the coup and contacting Phantom units for help.

Detailed Report

Following the assassination of Prime Minister Vassiliy Nikantor, Ukrainian politics had been tilting in the favor the Pro-Ghost side. War hero Sergiu Matamorez was voted into the late Nikantor's position with a near-unanimous vote in the parliamentary election. Even the remaining Phantom seats had to give in to the pressure of the Pro-Ghost views of the people of Ukraine. The sudden popularity of the Ghost party was mostly due to the fact that Ghost leaders were starting to pop up everywhere and improve where Phantom politicians had failed and became corrupt. Since the emergence of Ghost leaders, Ukrainian polls have shown an all-time low of Ukrainian citizens who view the country's leaders as corrupt. It was also popular decision to unite with Russia and another recent poll has reported that 88% of Ukrainians are unsure of how resistance to the plan to absorb into Russia was formed. ~Nikolai Mikhailov

Recent Events

  • Oil prices drop as Ghost forces continue to develop the Caucasus oil fields and improve production by fourfold.
  • Nuclear disarmament talks by third-parties have criticized the Phantoms for attempting to deploy nuclear weapons in the Taymyr.
  • Miller's book, "The War Economy" continues to sell over nine million copies since its publication in 2018.