"A Ghost squad was reported to have helped Somali pirates raid a ship."

"Likely not one of ours, I've seen the photos."

"The Phantoms still want retaliation."

"Whoever did this will pay."

"We're still allocating 27% of our GDP to defense."

"We'll send evidence. I mean 'our' men who attacked the ship had some fucking bullshit ranking system, from the after-action reports. Plus their weaponry wasn't documented to be taken from any of our armories. What the hell happened?"

"Some framing happened."

"Get Cramov on the line."

"He's dead, killed on the ship."

"Knew we shouldn't have trusted that bastard."


"So we prove it wasn't us, it was a rogue unit."

"Regardless, they've already deployed strategic weapons to the Taymyr Peninsula. Looks like they want to take the fight to us."

"Cheeky bastards."