Thunder is an ex-Spetsnaz support trooper who is usually tasked with the impossible. His most impressive task is the holding of a bridgehead with only one box in a captured M60, the same one he still uses today.

Spetsnaz Career

Documented as "Maksym Viktorovich Alexandrov," Thunder began his service with unimpressive training scores. He was assigned to one of the less prestigious units in the Spetsnaz GRU. However, during the Russian conflict in Ukraine in 2014, Thunder would prove to be more resourceful and useful than expected. He recovered an injured Russian agent and used the agent's silent OTs-38 to kill eleven enemy soldiers. After a prolonged chase, Thunder successfully extracted the agent via Hind gunship. Little did he know that this encounter would change his career forever.

Recruitment into the Ghosts

The agent Thunder had saved was a Ghost operative who was assigned to sabotage Phantom black operations sites in Ukraine. In gratitude for his actions, Ghost high command decided to take Thunder on as a new operative in their special operations groups. While he was not known for his subtlety, Thunder was quickly recognized for his ability to put bullets down range, earning him a spot in the Red-Tail Detachment's assault force.

Temporary Transfer to Fox Division

In a sensitive operation in Kosovo, the Red-Tail Detachment was pinned down on a bridgehead. After surviving an RPG attack and recovering from a barrage of recovered Katyusha rocket launchers, the Detachment was awaiting extraction on the plateau. It was Thunder who picked up a fallen enemy's M60 and held off the hostile force as all of the fifteen men of the Red-Tail Detachment were rescued. After the incident, he was reassigned to the Fox Division as Red-Tail recovered from the mission.