Steps on Creating a Story

Creating a story is very simple. You will need a portal and your story. Here are the instructions for creating one.

First, you must write your story on your blog!!! If you refuse to do this, your story will be deleted without a warning.

  • 1.) Create a portal page

You want a portal so you can organize all your parts together. You want the portal to link to your story, characters, settings, etc. Example: Red Ashes

  • 2.) Creating your story

To organize this Wiki, you MUST name your title properly with capital letters, etc. (For example: Red Ashes/Story) Then, after you do this, type your story and ask someone to read and revise it.

  • 3.) Publish your story

When you finish your story, tell people to read it and give opinions on it. If they like it, ask a mod to publish it. When your story is published, you get your story on the main page.

  • 4.) Other links

If you want a information page for a specific character, you need to add a new page and do the same as step 2 (For Example: Red Ashes/Pax) Then, you link it to the portal page of your story.

  • 5.) Thumbnail

When your story is published, you can make your own thumbnail by using this template:


Afterwards, send this to a admin and you'll get your story on the front page!

  • 6.) Rate your story

Find which rating best fits your story here.

  • 6.) Creating a banner

Decorate those boring story portals with a banner! Use the template below!