Nothing much is known about Sheep, other than the fact that he's a cool guy.

Early Service Career

Interestingly enough, records indicate that "Sheep" served in almost all of the major branches of the Soviet military system, first in the ground forces up to the rank of Efreitor, then in the navy where he progressed to Starshina. Finally, he ended up with the position Senior Praporschiik of Aviation in the air forces, hunting down enemy interceptors in the Su-27 air superiority fighter. Such service record suggests a quick learner, of competent skills at all kinds of warfare to rise in the ranks quickly in different methods of combat. The collapse of the Soviet Union soon came, and "Sheep" used the disarray to appropriate several secret warehouses of weaponry for his own gain.

Establishment of the Ghost PMC

Performing very successful weapons dealing with several African countries, "Sheep" was approached by unknown "Contributors" to implement a private military company with an independent military-industrial manufacturing base. This allowed this PMC to grow to unregulated and unprecedented heights. 12 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 2003, the company's business model proved itself to be extremely effective and it became a major figure in the shady scene of arms production and private military contracting. This company would evolve to become the Ghosts, with Sheep becoming one of the top leaders.