Hibaaq Osman is the youngest member of the Somali Pirate group. He was recruited by Lord Madar Shire so he could make money to support his family. Hibaaq has murdered over 50 Somali men, women, and children for cash, food, and for fun.

Early Life

Hibaaq was born on a poor village in Mogadishu along with his mother, father, and his two brothers. His two brothers graduated from Mogadishu University but were killed shortly afterwards from a terrorist attack at a shopping fest. Hibaaq dreamed of graduating from the University of Somalia but those dreams were crushed when his mother and father died on a riot against the Somali Police Force . Shortly after, he was spotted by Lord Madar Shire and started making bad decisions.

Cargo Ship Raid

Hibaaq and a few other pirates were working with soldiers from the Ghost Force to raid a cargo ship that was transporting supplies worth of 15 million USD. Hibaaq was on guard but was shot in the head by Jaxy because he was aiming his AK-47 at Pax.